One of the many tasks coaches have to do to build their business is created valuable products. The problem with this is often we spend hours creating products we believe our audience need and want only to have it sit on the shelf and collect dust.

Throughout my coaching career, I have created tons of products that didn’t go over well with my audience. Each time this happens I felt as though I was a failure or I didn’t really know what I was doing. There were many times I felt like throwing it all in and calling it a day. Sometimes I even felt that the best thing for me to do was to go back and get JOB. You know it had to be bad if that was even a thought in mind.

Imagine how relieved I was to learn that neither of those debilitating reasons were the cause of my products not selling. One thing I’ve learned on this entrepreneurship journey is that it doesn’t take much to dowse your enthusiasm and belief in yourself. Every failed attempt has the possibility of putting you completely out of business – if you allow it.

I learned that one of the main reasons why our products don’t sell is because we are more focused on ourselves than our audience. It actually goes a little deeper than that – we really don’t know who our audience is, therefore we can’t attract them with the products we create.

Most coaches are afraid to narrow down to their target audience. I was too. My thoughts were if I narrowed down to a specific audience I would not attract as many clients as I wanted to serve – which in turn caused a fear of not earning as money as I desired. Can you relate?

The truth is, you can’t create products until you know your audience. Stop focusing on yourself and what you know you can offer – focus first on identifying your audience. Once you have identified your audience, you must identify their pain points. When you understand what they are struggling with you are better able to create products to help them. Not only that, you’re better able to talk directly to them and speak their language. The rest is a cat walk!

To your success!

Valerie Priester