Have you ever missed an important appointment? Maybe it was an appointment with a client, or a doctor’s appointment, or maybe a sporting event for your child. Listen in as my tech coach, Samantha Pointer, the Technology Organizing Guru, interviews me on The Importance of Having a Schedule.

Samantha is very transparent about her experiences of missing an important client appointment and overloading herself with too many things to accomplish in a day.

As an entrepreneur, we tend to think we can get it all done and we don’t need any help. So NOT true. This holds true more for women than men. For some reason we think our girl power can give us more time in a day to do it all. Not so!

Most people are afraid of schedules or to-do lists. They think if they write it down they absolutely MUST do it. Listen in to hear how I eliminate the fears of scheduling.

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Website: organizingguru.com

Facebook community: Bit.ly/DigitallyYou

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