Listen in as I discuss the makings of a coaching business. The ups, the downs, the uncertainties, and oh yeah – THE JOY!

Are you ready to launch your coaching business?

I am so excited about my New Coach Profit Launcher Program that I launched just a few weeks ago. If you had joined me at the opening of this program it’s possible you would have a paying client already. It happened for one of my students and she hasn’t even launched her program yet.

“Passionate about helping others succeed drew me in, pushing them towards success kept me there.

Valerie Priester showed me how to structure my program in a way that would fulfill the needs of others and fit my lifestyle. I was struggling as a new coach trying to balance my work load, business and family. Although, I had the tools I didn’t understand how to use them. The wealth of knowledge she has made an impact on my income. I sealed my first paying client before my program launched by taking Valerie’s advice.

Persistent and attentive this coach helps you win! Join her team.”

~Que Jackson

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