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Valerie Priester is a Certified Business & Life Strategist, Certified Les Brown Maximum Achievement Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Best-Selling Author. She conducts workshops and seminars to help awaken the inner spirit and confidence of women who desire to be heart-centered coaches and create successful coaching businesses. Ms. Priester has had years of success empowering women to create the business and life they most desire.

Ms. Priester has over 20 years of management and leadership experience in the healthcare and financial industries. She served as the Lead Project Manager for the largest medical center in Detroit Michigan for over 12 years. She is the Chairperson for the Abigail Ministries Inc non-profit located in Smyrna Tennessee.

Ms. Priester is passionate about helping women identify what holds them back; self-limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, low self-esteem, and commonly – low to no self-confidence. She understands this first hand, having gone through some of life’s most painful challenges herself. She experienced unhealthy relationships, failed businesses, and years as a struggling single parent. These experiences created a self-sabotaging mindset from which she had to do the work to shift her mindset and rediscover her confidence and self-worth to begin to live victoriously and step into the place that served her purpose, ultimately her destiny to help women.

Signature Topics:

  • Design Your Victory and Live Your Dreams
  • Retrain Your Brain for Success
  • Get Out of Your Head Step Into Your Dream

Booking Information:

Phone: 615-435-9249
Email: support@victoriouslifecoaching.com
Website: www.valeriepriester.com

About Valerie

Valerie Priester is the CEO & Founder of Victorious Life Coaching, a Certified Business & Life Strategist, a Motivational Speaker, a Member of the Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team, and an Amazon Best-Selling Author. Valerie is passionate about mentoring and awakening the inner spirit and confidence of women who aspire to become heart-centered coaches and create profitable coaching businesses. Valerie provides business and personal development coaching. She has had years of success empowering women to Design Their Victory so they can Live Their Dreams.

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