You’ve heard of numerous ways to manage fear that all deal with the mind in one way or another. But did you know there are also ways you can physically kick fear to the curb?

Because fear can come in all different sizes, shapes and reasons we can say; “there’s more than one way to skin that cat”. So, this week I want to share a few ways you can get in motion to push beyond your fears.

Exercise. Physical exertion is an excellent way to burn away your fear. It’s hard to feel afraid when you’re exhausted!

  • Go for a quick run, a long walk, or lift weights. When you’re pleasantly out of breath, you’ll find your fear has lessened. 

Mediation. When you are feeling scared or anxious, a few minutes of meditation comes in handy the most.

  • Mornings is the ideal time to meditate, though you may do it any other time of the day. Meditating daily for 20 minutes will help you get over your fears and phobias.
  • Choose a quiet corner to have a deeper meditation experience. 

Breathe. Maybe you’re facing fear in a place where you can’t go into full blown meditation mode. You can however focus on your breath and slow your mind. Just taking a moment to focus on your breath will calm your mind. When stress is at your doorstep, just stop and breathe.

Give these tips a try and let me know how well they work for you. You can leave me a comment below; I would love to hear from you.

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