Picture this; you’re working long hours every day on your marketing, trying to sell your coaching programs. You’ve tried Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and YouTube but still no one is biting – no credit cards swiped.

Now you’re feeling like a failure. You think to yourself, “what’s the point, no one wants to buy from me” OR “I have to go back and make the program better – bigger – longer – most expensive – less expensive”. All these thoughts are going through your head and each time you think about them it kills a little more of your confidence. Before you know it, you’re STUCK!

Once you’re stuck, you keep going around the same mountain over and over again. You keep trying the same things, over and over again. You don’t dare reach out for help. You tell yourself, “I got this, I can figure it out”. So, what do you do next, you start looking at other coach’s sales pages. Then you start comparing yourself to them and how much better their sales page looks compared to yours. Now you come to the conclusion that your lack of sales is due to your inadequate sales page. So, now you’re off to tweak your sales page. What a vicious circle. Does this sound familiar?

I can so relate. I’ve been down this rabbit hole many times. Every time I went on this endless journey to nowhere I felt more and more like giving up altogether and throwing in the towel. Thank God I didn’t. Thank God I decided to reach out for help.

When I got fed up enough and decided to seek real help, I learned that the way to broaden my sales was to narrow my audience. I’m sure you’ve been asked many times, who’s your target audience? Right? Well, I couldn’t always answer that question. And the longer it took for me to answer that question with certainty, the longer it took to see real results in selling my programs.

So, how do you go about narrowing your audience?

First, you must identify your audience. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What problem does my program and/or product solve
  • Who struggles with that problem the most

Then, out of all the people that struggle with the problem your program and/or product solves, ask yourself which group of people do you enjoy working with the most.

Once you answer the above questions you should have a clearly identifiable audience. Now all you have to do is speak to your audience’s pain points in your marketing and they will be attracted to your solution – your program.

I know you probably think that’s too simple but it is just that simple. Get your copy of my FREE report, #1 Way to Find Your Coaching Clients, to learn more about how to market to your audience. You’ll also learn how to test your audience to see if it’s strong enough to produce the income you desire.

To your success!

Valerie Priester