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Christmas time is here again. I love this time of the year, I love how we go from one joyous holiday to the next. We celebrate being thankful at Thanksgiving and then immediately after the feast of all our favorite foods we start to see all the Christmas decorations in the stores. It still seems magical to me.

This past Saturday, my husband and I spent the day at the mall. I enjoyed seeing the children waiting on line to see Santa and have their pictures taken. And as we passed the toy stores I enjoyed hearing the children tell their parents what they want for Christmas. It’s just a joyous time of year.

The past two holiday seasons have been very different for me and my family. You see, my Mom transitioned into eternal life in August of 2012 and the holidays are just not the same without her. Christmas was her favorite holiday of all. Although I know my Mom is forever with me in spirit it’s still difficult accepting that she’s no longer here with us to celebrate her favorite holiday.

So, what do you do when you have loved ones that have transitioned and the holidays seem to be missing something? The best thing you can do is accept the change that this brings about for you and your family. This is the time to create new family traditions and create new family relationships and bonds.  This is the time to accept change.

Sunday my husband and I enjoyed a holiday dinner with his two first cousins and their wives. We are starting a new family tradition. We are so thankful to have each other and spend quality time together as a family.

My husband and I relocated to Tennessee 2 years ago. The decision to retire in Tennessee was two-fold; first, getting out of the blistering cold of Michigan winters and second, choosing a place where my husband could enjoy being with his first cousins, who are more like brothers since they spent their childhood together.

One of my husband’s cousins and his wife also relocated to Tennessee from California. The wife of this cousin and I have something in common, her Mother also transitioned into eternal life in 2012. So things are different for her around the holidays also. Not only that, their relocation moved her away from her family where they have lived since their marriage more than 30 years ago. Talk about a change.

So imagine, going from a big family celebration around the holidays to a smaller unit of family and in a different location. This can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes our identity is caught up in our family, our jobs, our friends, or even our environment. When we learn that our identity is just that, “our own identity”, it is helpful in accepting change and moving forward in life as life calls.

You see, we all move through life and evolve into the Spiritual Beings we were created to be. As we move through the different phases of life things change. We must be willing to allow change to have her perfect way. It’s when we fight or resist change that we lose our true identity and even find ourselves in uncertainty. But, when we embrace change we discover who we really are.

Change is like an ocean, it’s always moving and in motion. We can either swim with the currents are against them. I can tell you first hand, swimming with the currents is a lot easier and produces less stress in our lives.

Reflect on your life – where might you be resisting or fighting change? Are there things, people, or places that you need to let go of the way it used to be? Now is the time to step into the new way it IS and accept change gratefully and gracefully. Life is better when you do.

What do you think?

I would love to hear from you if you are challenged with accepting change. I am passionate about helping others live their best live and accepting change because this is an important step in this process.

If you would like coaching on how to accept change and live the life you dream about, be sure to click the link below to apply for a scholarship in my MindSet for Success program. Let’s have a conversation to see if this is the right program to help you accept change and start living today.

Until next time, make it a joyous holiday season. I look forward to hearing from you.

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