Does Your Mindset Support Pushing Outer Limits?

Growing a successful coaching business or any business for that matter requires regular stretching. What do I mean by stretching? Well, basically going beyond your comfort zone – doing things that require a great deal of confidence and courage.

When you’re faced with the opportunity to challenge your limits and do something outside of your comfort zone, how do you respond?

When opportunities to stretch come your way, do you say things like, “I can’t do live video streaming? I don’t have the personality for it. I’d love to host a webinar on this topic but I’m not techy enough.” This is all language coming from fear and a mindset that doesn’t support pushing outer limits.

Stretching is all about believing in yourself and having the courage to take giant leaps of faith. Last year, I had a client that was so opposed to going live on Periscope or Facebook Live, she fought it for months. In fact, she didn’t decide to take the leap until just last month – the last month of the year. To her surprise, her audience loved her and they were very responsive. Now she enjoys doing live streams.

While I don’t push my clients to participate in every new business trend that pops up, I do encourage them not to allow their doubts to keep them from doing anything challenging. I believe it’s fun to discover new things and just how far you can stretch.

The next time you’re faced with an opportunity to push your outer limits, instead of listing all the reasons you can’t do it, list all the reasons you can do it and why you should do it. Your audience is waiting to hear from you and YOU CAN DO IT!


Valerie Priester