I know, you’ve heard about this niche thing before and it just makes you sick to your stomach trying to understand it and why you should have it for your coaching business.

When I first learned about the ‘niche’, I was so confused. I was also afraid to narrow down to a specific niche. My thinking was, if I narrow down to a small group of people I won’t really make any money.

Through the years I’ve learned that this is simply not true. In fact, I made more money once I got clear on my specific niche.

First, what exactly is a niche? You’re probably wondering, right?

A niche is a narrow community of people who have a specific problem. It’s not your products or services. Your products and services, however, should focus on the narrow community’s needs.


Here are 4 reasons why you should have a niche:

A niche helps you avoid trying to serve everyone,

Having a niche will help you to focus on a specific group of people, and what their specific needs and wants are.

You won’t be able to serve everybody, so it is important to focus on what you do best and for a group of people who will buy what you create.

A niche makes it easy to identify and target potential clients.

The smaller your niche the easier it is to truly get to know their needs and their characteristics.

You can learn what is important to them, what magazines or blogs they read,how they talk and dress, who the main people in that network are. You can develop products or services specifically for this group, based on your

increasingly thorough knowledge and understanding of what they are interested in.

A niche can help you become an expert and well known.

Others can easily understand ‘what you do’ and ‘for whom’, which will make you an expert in a certain field.

A niche makes it easier to identify specific clients.

You can also identify specific potential clients easier, especially if your clients are other businesses. You can identify them by name (unlike most consumers) which will make the communication from the start more personal and unique, instead of mass marketing or advertising.

What you must do now that you know…

Resist the fear that will show up when you decide to define your niche. If you narrow your focus you will be able to serve your clients much better.

Focus on those people who need your products or services the most and get the most benefits of what you have got to offer.

Create your best work for the people you like and work with the best–create a definite win-win!

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Here’s what one of my clients had to say:
“I am so grateful to have connected with you. You have affected my personal and professional life in a huge way. You challenged me in ways I wasn’t expecting.

Our discussions took me to the next step. Through your coaching, I was able to identify and enhance my own coaching skills to build my business. There were times it was scary but you were with me every step of the way.

Because of you I understand and know my business. Again, thank you for everything, and I pray that God continues to bless you.”

Jessica Brooks, J A Brooks Coaching

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