One of my clients, a new coach, was a little nervous about how to follow up with a lead she received from attending a networking meeting. This is something many new coaches struggle with – they don’t know what to do after they get that hot lead.

I’m sure you’ve heard it said many times, “ the fortune is in the follow up” . And that is a true statement. There’s a lot of money left on the table because coaches fail to follow up with coaching prospects.

Here are 4 principles for effective follow up:

Principle #1: Respond quickly

Timely follow up is a must. Whenever possible follow up within 24 hours. I typically follow up with people I’ve met in person the next day. You can send an email and request a time to meet for coffee or my favorite, a smoothie.

Principle #2: Build relationships

I tell my clients all the time, the main reason to network is to build relationships, not get clients. Getting a client is important but first and foremost, you need to be thinking about building relationships. Always lead with asking your new connection what you can do for them – people love to talk about themselves.

Principle #3: Phone calls are best

Most people are afraid to pick up the phone and call a new connection. But, you will get better conversion rates if you speak with people personally instead of emailing all the time. When you get them on the phone use an upbeat, professional tone. I usually stand up when I’m talking on the phone.

Principle #4:

Have a system for following-up with client leads
It takes 7 – 9 touches before a prospect decides to do business with you. So, reaching out once is not enough. You need to be persistent and for most of us, relying on our memory to follow-up is bound to fail. Try using a manual spreadsheet, your calendar, or a full-blown CRM, system to help you with your follow up efforts.

Remember, your fortune is in your follow up – go make it happen!

Here’s to your success!





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