It’s been said and proven that high end clients are often the most rewarding to work with. What most coaches find out and love about high end clients is, they know what they want, and they are driven and focused on reaching goals. They are action takers.

High end clients are typically a joy to work with – they’re positive and proactive. The best part is, they don’t mind investing in themselves – as long as they see there’s value in what you’re offering and they believe that what you’re sharing is helping them reach that goal.

How would you like enough of these type clients to reach your monthly or yearly income goals?

So, what’s the problem, why don’t you have them in your programs already?

As I work with new and aspiring coaches, we uncover self-sabotaging beliefs that prevent them from securing high end clients as described above.

Assuming the problem is not what you offer: It’s some sort of block that prevents you from engaging with high end clients. When you’re faced with these blocks you may find that you’re dealing with hourly rates and frustrating clients and you may be living under the burden of a sales phobia phenomenon.

There are four common underlying, self-sabotaging beliefs that even the best coaches can secretly suffer from. Could one or more of these be a block for you?

  1. Feelings of “I’m not ready”

This one is all about comfort zones. You do what you do well, but you’re afraid to move out and take risks. As a coach, sometimes we
have to take our own medicine – “ physician, heal thyself” . Do what you recommend to your clients.

2. Feelings of “They’ll think I’m a fraud”

This one is far more common than you might think, especially for women. In fact, if you google “ imposter syndrome” , you’ll see all sorts of successful people talking about it.

Sometimes coaches have these feelings if their life is not 100% perfect – which it never will be.

3.Feelings of “Success is not for me”

This one can often be traced back to childhood, to our birth families and early childhood environment. The old paradigms that we were taught can stick with us for years.

It also commonly afflicts women who have suffered abuse at any point in their lives—especially those who have suffered insidious abuse, where negating statements have been brainwashed into the subconscious so that it becomes a deep-seated belief. This can also be the litany of an entire family with poverty-consciousness. Any attempt to break out of this belief is met by family members with resistance and the belief is tragically reinforced.

4.Feelings of “Money is evil”

This is one that I find often, it’s a common mindset of people both from non-religious and religious backgrounds—but if you stop to examine the original bible verse (1 Timothy 6:10) it actually talks about “the love of money” being “the root of all evil”—and goes on to clarify that this evil only occurs when people do “ wrong things” .

Money in itself is neutral: It is neither evil nor good. What we do with it and how we use it is the real issue.

What people who think money is evil often really fear is that money will somehow corrupt them. But if you are “ faithful in small things” (Luke 16:10), you will be faithful with large amounts.

To summarize: Money itself can’t corrupt you unless you are already corrupt!

If you recognize one of these self-sabotaging beliefs as something you struggle with, ask yourself, “ What spectacular transformation or result can I offer a high end client?”

If you can easily answer this question, and that answer fills you with confidence and pride, it doesn’t matter what self-sabotaging beliefs you have, or how much you hate the idea of asking for the big bucks: You’re ready!

If you can’t easily answer this questions, maybe it’s time to consider reaching out for help to overcome the beliefs that are holding you back.

Here’s to your success!





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