So, you want to be an entrepreneur? You want to own your time? You want to be the BOSS? You want to call the shots? In order for this to happen, you must have the right mindset.

From how you build your business, to how you earn your money, to how great your customer service is, your mindset supports and guides almost every part of your business. Your business is heavily influenced by your mindset.

Ask yourself this question…Does my mindset lead from confidence?

When you think about starting your business or taking on a new client, what do you normally think? Do you automatically plan for the worst-case scenario with thoughts like, “What’s the use? This potential client is going to instantly recognize how untalented I am and be mad at me for wasting her time.”

If this is what you tell yourself, you have a mindset lacking in confidence.

I must be honest with you, during the early years of starting my business, I thought the same way. Heck, there are still times when a crazy thought like this will enter my mind. Thank goodness for strong accountability partners in my life.

What if you could flip your thoughts around, change what you tell yourself. What if you told yourself, “This prospect is going to fall in love with my skill set. She’ll be an amazing addition to my client list and I can’t wait to work on our first project together.”

I know what you’re thinking right now, ‘that’s easier said than done’, right?

Well, it’s actually easier than you think. You see, your mindset wasn’t developed overnight. You adopted your way of thinking from years and years of being told certain things and then telling yourself those things repeatedly. You accept your limiting beliefs and self-doubt and therefore you act on them every time you’re put in a situation that calls for you to display confidence.

Try these three things to help you develop a mindset that leads from confidence:

  1. Identify the area in your business where you’re lacking confidence.
  2. Write an affirmation or mantra that you can repeat when you are faced with this area of your business.
  3. Place yourself in a situation to exercise confidence in this area as often as you can. Repeat your affirmation or mantra out loud just before you take on a situation in this area.

When you practice new behaviors, you develop new mindsets and your confidence will automatically increase.


Valerie Priester